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Scientific Paranormal Investigative Research Organization (SPIRO) was established in 2008. Known as SEIPO until 2012, SPIRO changed its name to reflect the groups expansion nationally and internationally. Today SPIRO paranormal investigates within 10 US states and 2 countries internationally. SPIRO is based in Pocatello, Idaho.


Goal: Investigate the paranormal and other areas through scientific methodologies, personal interviews, and other methods as deemed appropriate to understand and experience paranormal phenomena. SPIRO specifically uses the soft science frame works of Anthropology, Sociology, and Psychology. SPIRO does not reject hard science methodologies or interpretations, but accepts the current lack of common ground between hard sciences and the study of paranormal phenomenon.        

Code: Honest Skepticism

Promise: No member of SPIRO will ever knowingly or willfully fabricate, exaggerate, or embellish evidence of any kind pertaining to the paranormal, gathered in or out of investigations conducted by SPIRO. All members promise to be objective and skeptical of all and any evidences collected or offered about the paranormal. Members of SPIRO will also investigate and report data and experiences from paranormal investigations to the best of their ability, honestly, and without bias. Any violation of this promise may lead to immediate and permanent dismissal from SPIRO.

Purpose Statement:

What is real in the world in which we live? Can all that is real be touched, smelled, seen, or measured?  In our world today there is an ever growing divide between individuals who believe in the paranormal and those who do not.  Paranormal has been defined as, “of or pertaining to the claimed occurrence of an event or perception without scientific explanation, as psychokinesis, extrasensory perception, or other purportedly supernatural phenomena” (Dictionary.com).  Though it may be an oversimplification, the growing divide could be characterized as a battle between scientific method and religious faith.  Science and its methods are the best tools of investigation for the unbiased collection of data and data interpretation because of its testability and recreatability in a laboratory, but this does not mean that science is infallible or incorruptible.  Faith or religious belief is not something that can be measured or proven, but this does not invalidate the experiences of billions of individuals throughout the world and through time.  Can the divide between these two ideologies ever be traversed?  SPIRO paranormal endeavors to investigate and study the unknown through scientific methodologies while respecting the possibilities raised by paranormal and religious phenomena.  The critical assumption on which all SPIRO’s efforts are founded is that if some or all paranormal phenomena are fact, then they are real and therefore should be measureable by scientific methods in existence or to be created in the future.  In short, SPIRO will attempt to be a bridge between science and the paranormal.